Freshwater cultured pearl

Freshwater pearls are cultured pearls produced by large mussels bred in ponds. 

To produce freshwater pearls, small pieces of flesh of another mold are inserted into the mollusk.


These small pieces are slowly coated pearl and dissolve.

Unlike sea pearls, freshwater pearls have no nucleus, they are fully made of mother of pearl.  

No nucleus to guide growth, freshwater pearls are often shaped grain of rice, and sometime round.

Freshwater pearls have a wide variety of colors: white, peach, lavender with all shades.

These natural colors are due to minerals in the environment and food. 

The black color is artificial, only Tahitian pearls are naturally black.


The freshwater mussel is sensitive to pollution.Producing pearls keeps clean lakes and ponds used.     

The pearls are sensitive to acids, alcohols, lacquers, creams, perfumes so, do not put these products directly on pearls. 

Clean with a smooth cloth. Store in dry box . To prevent scratching, store apart from hard gemstones.